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Include and support your

loved ones, friends,

and clients ... 

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Upcycle android phones or tablets from 2018 to present; Simplify the screen remotely with Zen-photos, personal photos, large-buttons, and more; 
Create alerts, get data, and make connections remotely though the your secure account through the dashboard login. 

Join the movement towards sustainable technology and upgrade your old devices into care communication kiosks with our SAAS platform. Try it today and experience the convenience of staying connected.

One buttn Zoom Joining

Physical Therapist/Caregiver Journey with Webapp and app
One-button Zoom Video / Telehealth Joining for tech challenged adults

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Remote Screen Customization

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Personalize Remote Screen

  • "one-button" Zoom answering  

  • Upload Personal Photos

  • Set Top Navigation Apps

  • Set "Do Not Disturb" times

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Set Remote Toggles

  • Display Top Navigation

  • Display Video or TV quick connect (App required)

  • Hide settings control

  • Set display dimming (10p-10a)


Remote Device Data

  • WIFI strength

  • Battery level

  • Charging status

  • Update dates and time

One-touch Zoom Video calls

No emailing, and no texting, just log into the z-dashboard and enter the Zoom video link and your remote device will ring with one-button pressing to join.   NOTE:  test on the device before giving to a loved one, or family member, as Zoom requires you to add a name on the first call.   

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