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Life events, namely Covid-19, required something new.

Covid-19 forced us to solve a problem for our parents who were directed to stay safe and stay healthy in their apartment (and visitors were not allowed).  We had to find a video chat solution that was easy to use, didn't require any training, could be functional within minutes of being plugged in.  We utilized a local caregiver who could help us, and in April 2020, we had a system that worked.... the UpTablet. 

We went through a lot stressful days trying to figure out the UpTablet and thought there might be others in the same situation.  Especially those who have dementia, and/or are recovering from stroke, or other aging ailments.

We realized we had to make life easier for the caregiver, give aging adults an outlet from isolation, and be a platform for health connections.  Then we asked, how can UpTablet be good for health, good for caregivers, and good for the environment?   The answer, upcycling.  In 2017  Apple sold about 43.8 million iPads, while Samsung sold around 25 million tablets that year.  For every one million that are upcycled, 35,274 lbs of copper, 772 lbs of silver, 75 lbs of gold, and 33 lbs of palladium can be prevented from going into landfills.

It all started when my grandmother struggled with her multiple medications as a result of her Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Grandma Mary had a bowl full of medicine on her table, and her arthritis was getting worse, so while pursuing an MBA at the University of Michigan, Robert invented the Rx PurrFect Opener.  The PurrFectand DogGone Opener® are handheld tools used to open various medication packaging, and the PurrFect Gripper™ is for difficult-to-open jars and bottles. The patented designs have successful sold in Meijer and Bed Bath and Beyond stores and have national exposure thanks to articles in: The Wall Street Journal, Fortune Small Business, Wall Street Journal, Business Week Online, Good Housekeeping, Arthritis Today, and through television on the QVC Home Shopping Network. 



All the Best,

Bobby Maze 

CEO, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Engineer, Consultant, MBA

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