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Revolutionizing remote caregiving

for a digital  future.

Level up your old devices by transforming them into care communication kiosks with Zenyor. Enjoy the convenience of staying connected from your couch, or anywhere the world takes you. Join the movement towards sustainable technology.


Transforming In-Home Care.

Stay connected and streamline care with our in-home kiosk solutions.

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One-Touch Zoom Calls

No emailing, and no texting, just log into the z-dashboard and enter the Zoom video link and your remote device will ring with one-button pressing to join. 

Personalized Remote Screen

Our platform offers a hassle-free Zoom answering feature, allows easy upload of personal photos, lets you set top navigation apps, and enables setting "Do Not Disturb" times.

Set Remote Toggles

Zenyor allows you to display top navigation, quickly connect to video or TV (requires app), hide settings control, and set display dimming from 10 pm to 10 am.


Remote Device Data

Easily monitor your loved-one’s device's WIFI strength, battery level, charging status, and update dates and time with our platform.

Repurposing with a purpose.

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Digital transformation for a changing world.


Of people dentified disability from cognitive impairment


Predicted shortage of health care workers in the US by 2030


Predicted shortage of health care workers globally by 2050

Unleash the power of connectivity.



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